The Hiring Process


  • Phone call with hiring manager to discuss what role you need to fill.
  • Hiring manager fills out discovery questionnaire which gives us more information about your firm, your need to hire, and what we will be looking for.
  • We will write a job ad and send it to the hiring manager for approval.
    • The job ad talks about what the role and responsibilities will be.
    • We use multiple salary surveys to formulate a salary that will attached top candidates – we usually recommend paying folks between the median and the third quartile.

Reviewing Resumes and Conducting Phone Interviews

  • We will post the ad – our main goal is to post the ad where the potential candidates will be looking, which can mean different things for different roles.  However we always post on our hiring platform which immediately pushes it out to over 100 job boards.
  •  All resumes will come to us and we will cull through them to find the best candidates. Your company can remain completely anonymous (although we don’t recommend this unless necessary).
  • We send invitation to applicants we think may be good candidates for the position for a 15-30 minute interview call.
  • Candidates that interview well will be sent a link to our career history form to fill out.
    • In reviewing the completed career history form, we look at content as well as style.  You would surprised at how many candidates get eliminated at this stage due to errors in form.

Face-to-Face Interviews

  • We send you an interview packet that includes the candidates resume, completed CHF, interview notes and score card and recommend that you have an in-person interview with the candidate.
  • We can provide guidance on questions to ask during the in-person interview.

Assessments, Background & Reference Checks

  • We send the candidate a Caliper Assessment which is linked to a “job family” that most closely matches the role. We are testing for how well the candidate will fit into the position.
  •  We send the candidate skills testing for MS Office and any others needed.
  • We conduct a background check which includes criminal and credit history and employment and education verification.
  • We call the candidates references and ask about what it is like to work with the person and how we can best support the candidate in this position.

Offer Letter & Training Schedule

  • We will draft an offer letter to send to the candidate.
  • We will work with you to develop a training schedule.
    • What do you want this person to do on their own in 30/90/180 days
  • Any candidates that were not selected will be thanked and notified that the position has been filled.