Paul Carroll, Principal & Senior Wealth Manager
Avion Wealth 
The Woodlands, TX

I first hired Ginny to assist me with our firm’s compensation and incentive plan.  After we hammered that out, we began to examine other areas of the firm.  Ginny helped me realize I needed a Chief Operating Officer and we have hired a superstar (which Ginny & her team assisted in).

We continue to work together tweaking systems to make them better and more efficient.  Ginny participates in our quarterly Traction meetings and brings ideas and resources to the table. She is a great sounding board for me, and I feel very comfortable discussing anything with her.  She is honest and direct in her feedback which many Entrepreneurs need to keep them moving forward and focused.

I highly recommend you give Ginny a call.


Gerard Gruber, President
Harbor West
Westport, CT

I first saw Ginny speak at an FPA event in 2013 and her presentation on Strategic Planning and Implementation really hit home. The firm was doing well but we knew we needed more guidance and accountability.

We are still clients of Ginny’s and to do date, we have hired new staff which has re-energized the team, we have a strategy in place including a business development strategy and she is holding us accountable to all of it. Additionally, we have added processes, made several operational changes which have saved us time, streamlined our work and given us more control over our time.

Ginny comes alongside you and your firm as an additional team member not just recommending actions but actually helping us with many of them in a hands-on fashion to make sure they get accomplished.

We appreciate having Ginny and her team in the mix with us and anticipate being with her for many years to come. Give her call so you can find out how she can help you the same the way she helped us.


Ron Roge, Chairman & CEO
R.W. Roge & Company, Inc.
Bohemia, NY

I’ve hired and worked with a lot of consultants over the past three decades and for this very reason I was not interested in hiring another consultant to tell me what needs to be done and not have the ability to implement their recommendations and hang around and be accountable for the results, but I agreed to meet Ginny Hudgens at the behest of one of our vendors.

Ginny and I met for dinner and after some discussion she offered to conduct a review of my firm for a very reasonable price. I completed her online questionnaire and answered the other questions she posed, then she sent us a plan with recommendations and action steps. I called her a few days later and asked her when she could come to our offices and start working on her recommendations.

What differentiates Ginny from the rest of the pack is that she is does not expect you to do the work. She does it for you. What a refreshing difference. What most consultants don’t realize is that most entrepreneur’s don’t have the time to implement their recommendations. Ginny on the other hand knows that and that made all the difference for me and my firm.

Ginny has helped us realign our staff. She got rid of those employees who were not contributing and hired new employees who are highly motivated and came to us with “batteries included.” We now have what can only be described as the “Dream Team”. The entire staff is self-motivated, accountable and goal driven. She is now working with us to put compensation/incentive plans in place for each of key team players.

Ginny also helped us a hire a Chief Operating Officer who has taken over much of the running of the firm on a day-to-day basis thereby freeing up the other team members to work only in their unique ability. This is already making a big difference in my succession plan which Ginny is also working on with me.

With Ginny’s assistance, we now have a concrete marketing strategy in place and are ready to have one of our best years ever.

If Ginny invites you to dinner, I highly recommend you accept. It may just change your life and make you and your firm better.


Walter Wisniewski, President & Owner
Arcadia Wealth Management
Smithtown, NY

I called Ginny initially because my daughter, Allie, was about to come onboard my firm as my future successor. I wanted her experience to be a good one and her transition into my firm to go smoothly. After several initial calls with Ginny, we decided having Allie perform as the Chief Operating Officer (which we needed anyway) while she was studying for her CFP was a great way for her to learn the business from the “bottom up” so to speak.

Allie is on board, processes are coming into focus, and we have a plan in place for moving the firm forward. Ginny has provided resources at every turn for operations, marketing, our client experience and other areas of the firm so we can provide the best service possible to our clients and provide a quality of life for the owners and the staff.

I would highly recommend you give Ginny a call. She will work closely with you to determine what you want your firm to look like and then provide resources and accountability along the way.


Scott Cole, Owner & President
Cole Financial Planning
Bessemer, AL

“I know where I want to take my firm, the quality of life I want to build for my clients and my family but I was having a difficult time getting my arms around what steps to take and when to take them. Ginny has been able to provide the direction I needed to move my firm forward. She assisted me in writing a strategic plan for my firm which encompasses all the aspects I need to get focused on not only building my firm and client base but has helped me articulate who I want to work with. In addition, we have worked together to articulate my value for my niche which has made it easier for me to focus my marketing efforts. Ginny is a true partner, working with you every step of the way to help you (sometimes drive you) to achieve your goals by providing everything from strategic vision to implementation to documents and templates when needed. If you know where you want to go but lack direction and a plan to get there, I highly recommend giving Ginny a call!”


Iris Dayoub, President & Owner
Alpha Financial Management
Savannah, GA

“I have been a financial planner for many years and I am very passionate about what I do. However, recently, it seemed as though working in my firm had become a chore. I had some staff issues and just didn’t look forward to coming to work anymore.

Ginny first caught my attention with her strategic planning technique. She is a firm believer in having a strategic plan in the same way a planner believes the financial plan is the cornerstone for any investor. She came down to Savannah, met my staff and we spent many hours talking about what I wanted the firm to look and feel like. At that point, we put some action steps in place and the change has been fantastic.

I now have a great staff in place and can’t wait to get to the office each morning. What has changed? I am now spending my time meeting with clients, strategizing on their behalf and thinking about value I can add to their lives. With Ginny’s help, I have learned to delegate most everything else to my very competent staff (Ginny discovered I had a COO in my employ and I didn’t even realize it!).

If you are looking for a way to get back to what you most enjoy, I would suggest you give Ginny a call. “


David Frisch, President
Frisch Financial Group
Melville, NY

I was referred to Ginny by my Client Service Advisor at TD AmeriTrade. I knew we had some staffing issues but I was not sure where the “symptoms” we were experiencing were pointing. In my initial conversation with Ginny, I talked to her about having job descriptions for my staff. Ginny was able to help me realize that having job descriptions was just one of many steps involved in helping me put the right people in the right positions to be able to handle my firm’s explosive growth.

Ginny continues to work with me and my team in group calls and meetings and one-on-one to help us manage our growth and service our existing clients to the best of our ability. She has provided ideas and uses hands-on implementation to help us complete our action steps (which she assisted us in identifying) and reach our goals.

I would highly recommend you call Ginny and discuss your challenges with her.


Zaneilia Harris, President and Owner
Harris & Harris Wealth Management
Upper Marlboro, MD

I knew that I wanted to help individuals going through life transitions, like receiving an inheritance, career advancement though job change, divorce, or loss of a spouse. Why? Because during these times, very important decisions need to be made that can affect an individual’s well-being and their future. Then I met, Ginny Hudgens. She became my coach and had me focus on what I wanted for my life.

I had to describe for her and myself where I would be 20 years from when I started. In that process, she asked me to describe the type of practice I wanted to build. As I began to answer the questions, I came up with a niche and a focus. I started reading all I could about issues facing women and began my blog, www.financenstilettos.com, to address them. (At Ginny’s urging but I did it kicking and screaming.) What I’ve learned, sometimes you have to be pushed out of your comfort zone, you have to be clear of the vision and path you want, you have to build a support team around you, and you just frankly can’t give up despite the odds. Keep moving forward!