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We realize there are many Financial Advisors are who not ready for or in a position to engage in a full-on consulting arrangement with us at this time. To help Advisors target specific pain points, we will be rolling out a wide array of Stand-Alone Consulting Services in 2021. The first of these is Compensation Planning and Implementation.

We realize this is a pain point for many Advisors and have developed a process that delivers a Compensation and Incentive Plan that is ready for delivery to your team.


1. A questionnaire to help us understand your feeling around compensation and what’s important to you about it.

2. Next, we will gather some information about your staff and any benefits you currently provide.

3. We will benchmark your current compensation and may make recommendations based on that information.

4. We will then begin to work with you to build out your plan. Once you are satisfied with your plan, you will receive:

a. A final plan.

b. A presentation for you to give to your staff.

c. Guidelines for the plan to give to your staff.

d. A method for tying goals to incentive pay.

5. We will schedule weekly calls with you until the plan is complete and you have received the deliverables.

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