Hiring Assistance

“Great companies, large and small, rise or fall because of their talent; the more high performers on your team, the more successful your organization will be. ” — Brad Smart – Topgrading


We work with advisors to hire top notch personnel for their firms. We have a proven process to help you hire right the first time.

  • Helping you define the position
  • Writing an ad to attract the outstanding candidates you are seeking
  • Posting the ad using our hiring platform – a platform which posts it to over 100+ job boards
  • Culling through the resumes, saving you countless hours
  • Conducting 15-30 minute phone interviews with qualified candidates
  • Having qualified candidates fill out our career history form which provides us additional information
  • Sending you only the top candidates to interview in person
  • Writing the offer letter and assisting with a training schedule as needed

Hear Rachael Bellah, the COO of Wade Financial Advisory talk about what A-players has meant to her firm

Hiring Process & Cost

Our hiring services are provided to our retainer clients at a discount and are also offered to non-retainer clients at a cost of $4,000 to $10,000 depending on the position for which we are hiring. Follow this link to see our complete hiring process.

Hiring Fees as of January 2021

Little or no experience (open to someone with little experience) – $5,000

Industry Experience – 2+ years – $6,000

No experience – career changer – $5,500

Experience 2+ years – $7,000

No experience – right out of the program OR career changer – $8,000

2 to 7 years of experience – $9,000

7+ years of experience – $12,000

Less than 3 years of experience – $8,000 

3+ years of experience – $11,000

2 to 5 years of experience – $12,000

5+ years of experience – $15,000

1 to 5 years of experience – $7,500

5+ years of experience (CFA) – $10,000

Our Placements

Client Service Associate – Glassboro, NJ
Client Service Associate – Edina, MN
Portfolio Management Associate – Orlando, FL
Administrative Assistant/CSR – Melville, NY
Associate Advisor (2) – Campbell, CA
Chief Operating Officer – Houston, TX
Chief Operating Officer – Melville, NY
Client Services Associate – Atlanta, GA
Client Service Associate – Bellevue, WA
Client Service Associate – Melville, NY
Client Service Associate – Spartanburg, SC
Client Service Associate – Windham, NH
Client Service Associate – Hampton, NH
Customer Care Specialist/Admin – Smithtown, NY
Customer Service Associates (hired two for client) – Bellevue, WA
Portfolio Management Specialist – Jacksonville, FL
Financial Planning Resident – Campbell, CA

Financial Client Service / Operations Associate – Windham, NH
Associate Advisor – Hampton, NH
Customer Service/Administrative Assistant – Raleigh, NC
Customer Service Associate – Bohemia, NY
Director of First Impressions – Campbell, CA
Director of First Impressions – Lancaster, PA
Investment Strategist & Research Manager – Campbell, CA
Office Manager – Bellevue, WA
Paraplanner – Louisville, KY
Portfolio Administrator – Garden City, NY
Portfolio Management Assistant – San Jose, CA
Underwriting Case Manager- Raleigh, NC
Virtual Operations Associate
Administrative Assistant – Midlothian, VA
Operation Manager – Orlando, FL
Financial Planning Intern – Melville, NY
Financial Operations Specialist – Jacksonville, FL