Tip #1 – Get your firm’s job descriptions & accountability chart nailed down.

So, as I’ve been speaking with my clients, most of who are on “work from home” orders (me too) and they are finding they have time to work on some outstanding projects. They have had conversations with any clients they needed to (although most of the firms we work with have done such a good job of only taking on ideal clients and “training them” about these types of situations so they are not having many conversations).  They have also communicated via newsletters, blogs, emails blasts, etc. and now, “it just is what it is”.

This got me thinking that there might be other Advisors out there in the same boat.  You are home, your staff is working from home, and sure, you still have work to do but it’s just not the same.  So, I’m starting a series of blogs to give you some ideas of projects that would be worthwhile to spend some time on during our captivity.

My Partner, Brian Luper and I got together and brainstormed on some ideas.  The first one I want to address is job descriptions and accountability charts.  These are two different things.  Job descriptions document a specific role.  Accountability charts are geared toward individuals who many times wear several different hats within a firm.  For instance, your Admin or COO may also handle compliance and HR functions within your firm.  By building out an accountability chart, you are making it very clear who is (and who is NOT) responsible for what.  Job descriptions are crucial to any well-run firm.  They add a layer of accountability and make it easier to replace an employee who either leaves or is terminated. They also help with cross-training which is especially important in smaller firms.

So, I know what you’re thinking now. Great, I’ve heard this a million times, but I still have no idea how to start.  We have a couple of options for you. 

  • You can schedule a call with us, and we are more than happy to give you an hour or so of our time completely complimentary, to get you started. We can help with templates, etc., give you an outline and any other resources we can offer to get this implemented. 
  • We are also offering our services on a project basis which we don’t normally do but hey, these are not normal times.  Typically, we are paid on a retainer basis and cover many different areas of practice management with our clients. However, again these are not normal times so if you need more guidance and help with accountability, we are happy to offer that as well.  We can interview your staff, find out what they do on a daily basis, document it, create job descriptions and help you create the accountability chart as well.

You can DIY it with our help or we can come alongside the project and assist you in a more detailed way. 

Okay, so there it is.  We will be offering this project-based work for a limited time during the lockdown orders and I will be detailing the scope of these projects over the next couple weeks in my subsequent posts.  We want to help and we love talking to advisors, hearing your challenges and then providing  solutions that you can implement yourself or again, if you want our help, we will work with you on a project basis.

Give us a call. Thanks!