Do You Want to Build a Firm that Runs Without You?

I do, that’s my number one goal…to be irrelevant as soon as I can but still get paid by the firm I founded.  Can this be done?  Yes, it can!  I’ve assisted in making it happen with past and current clients.  As a matter of fact, we have several current clients who share this goal and we are working with them to see it through.

 So, what must be in place for this miracle to occur:

  1. The VERY BEST staff you can find!
    1. You must pay them competitively – if you try to save money here, your goal of a self-running firm is dead.
    2. Treat them like “co-owners”. You don’t have to actually give them ownership (although you might want to consider it for some of your key individuals) but you should include them in major decision making like Strategic Planning.
    3. Make sure they fully understand your vision and their role in it.
    4. What’s in it for them? Consider adding other perks like working from home a day a week or more PTO.
  2. Your mindset – you must be willing to “let go of the vine” once you find these amazing individuals. If you cannot, you will not reach your goal
  3. Processes -not just in place but used!
  4. High accountability – this is where a top-notch COO or Operations Manager comes in. They are responsible for the day-to-day workflow – making sure everything is getting done in the right order. Client service first, other projects, etc. after that. They must also have superior communication skills so you can feel safe things are getting done

There may be other factors involved on a case-by-case basis, but these are the main ones.

Want to take your laptop to the beach and work from there for six months?  Let us show you how you can do this.  Schedule a complimentary one hour call to see what the next step is.

Thanks for listening, Ginny