Okay, I will admit we all have different work styles. I myself, prefer order. A place for everything and everything in its place. I like lists – lists of things to do – lists of things I want do. A way to keep order and compensate for my horrible short term memory. 

Still, I occasionally go into client’s offices and what I see is nothing short of a natural disaster. It looks like a funnel cloud ransacked the place. Piles of papers, files, post it notes, magazines, books…you get the picture. And enviably, they tell me, “but I work best in chaos” and to that, I say.. .what a crock!

Nobody works well in that kind of situation and let me tell you what I believe the biggest reason for this is (in my opinion)…it’s overwhelming, it’s depressing, it’s a big reason that so many people become “frozen” by their daily work and can’t make any progress. Additionally, when you keep files and loads of paper in your office, you reduce the efficiencies in your office by slowing down retrieval and access by your staff or yourself to documents you need. They are not where they should be and subsequently, this slows down the flow of work, sometimes to a crawl as you and/or your staff take precious time to search for what they need,  many times that being one piece of paper.

Here is a link to a book on that for $9.95 will  walk you through decluttering your office space (and along the way address your excuses for  not doing so and the rewards of completing this task). It might not sound important but it is! It can, in extreme cases, have a large impact on how  much you and your staff get work accomplished and feel about your workspace and in very extreme cases, cause a compliance nightmare or something to be dropped or poorly handled for a client.

Now get moving!

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