Having a hiring process – and sticking to it – is the best way to ensure that you will make a good hire. I’ve written about the TSI hiring process and it is also posted directly on our website, and it has been the single greatest tool to help our clients hire the best people. When you veer from your hiring process, you enter a minefield of issues that will likely result in a bad hire.

The most common way I have seen firm owners veer from the hiring process is to interview someone for a position, and immediately make a connection with the candidate. Once that personal connection is made, the rest of the interview feels like a formality, and doesn’t feel like an interview at all. You may have a candidate come into an interview and immediately “wow” you with their intelligence or how polished they present themselves, but nothing compares to an interview with a stranger that feels like you are talking to an old friend. You may instantly like the person and want to make them an offer before they even leave the office – this is a mistake.

Any candidate that receives an offer must go through our entire hiring process, no exceptions.   In the TSI hiring process, we give assessments between the first in-person interview and the second in-person interview. The first in-person interview is an opportunity to discover if the candidate will be a good fit for the position, and a good fit for your firm culture. The assessment is meant to determine if how the candidate prefers to work matches the needs of the position. If someone is very detail-oriented and works more slowly because of that, and you need someone to get through huge piles of work every day, that person might not be the best fit for the position. The only way to discover this is to put the candidate through the entire process.

If you interview a candidate and immediately want to make an offer, ask yourself: why should this person be exempt from your hiring process? Do you not want the candidate to be bothered with your hiring requirements? If you have designed a hiring process with the intention of finding the best people, shouldn’t a great candidate easily pass the other requirements?

Any candidate that receives an employment offer must pass through every step of the hiring process. No exceptions.

We have helped our clients hire great employees and it is because we do not compromise on our process. If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your next hire, please feel free to schedule a complimentary call here.