I was recently interviewed by Olivia Luper on her Get AdvisorFIT podcast. It was a great experience!

On the podcast, Olivia and I discuss the current hiring conditions in today’s market and the symptoms of the industry that pull employees away from advisory firms.

I also explain how to expand your hiring pool exponentially! By doing this one thing, I’ve seen some firms successfully go from 150 candidates to 750 candidates. I also illuminate what candidates are looking for in an ideal job, and that sometimes has little to do with money, especially for Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z. Not offering remote or work from home positions, for example, can be a deal breaker for most.

I also give a preview of my latest project “The Hiring Range” – a series of short videos offering advisors bits of information on specific parts of the hiring process.

There is lots of great information we shared on the show you won’t want to miss.

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