You see this all the time with advisors who’ve been searching and searching for the right fit candidate for their advisory firm.

Those guys who have been hiring, firing, and hiring so frequently their job feels like full time recruiter rather than full time advisor.

They always want to know what the “SECRET” is.

What am I doing wrong?

How do I find “the one” so I can get off this merry-go-round?

On many levels, a lot can be revealed by asking the right interview questions.

“What are those?” You ask.

I go step by step through the questions we ask in our most recent hiring range video below:


But the truth is something that most advisors rarely want to hear, much less believe.

Because the truth is that there’s no one “big secret” to hiring the right one.”

The right hire is the result of a thorough hiring process that seeks to uncover as much pertinent information about a candidate ahead of time as possible.

It’s about taking the next right step over and over again over the course of the process. It’s about identifying red flags and not letting personal bias overrule your decision-making.

The right hire is the result of a thousand small steps. Small decisions. Small questions interjected at the right moment.

The result of this process narrows down the candidate pool to capture only the best of the best so the hiring-firing-re-hiring merry-go-round will finally cease.=

In a way, it’s me.

I am “the secret.”

I have over six years of experience successfully matching hundreds of advisors with key personnel from senior advisors to junior advisors, client service associates, bookkeepers, and every role in between.

I make the whole process easy by managing it all for you. In fact, applicants won’t even be contacting your office, so you can focus on getting back to your actual job.

Did I mention we also provide a 90-day new hire guarantee? If your new hire leaves for any reasons other than you didn’t train them (oh, and by the way, we will work with you get a training schedule in place as part of service) or you were just mean to them, within the first 90 days of hiring, we’ll find you a replacement at no extra cost. That’s how confident I am that you’ll be pleased with our service. Trust us, this doesn’t happen often. But, if it does, we stand by our service and get you back up and moving with the right fit in no time.

Do yourself a favor. Get off the merry-go-round. Let me handle the process for you.

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