Talent acquisition isn’t for the faint of heart.

Is securing top talent right now hard? Yes!

Is it getting harder? YES (but in CAPS)!

Is it going to get easier anytime soon? Heck no!

The road to finding the perfect hire is often a rocky one, I am not going to lie.

The process is long…arduous… mentally taxing….and oftentimes takes a few tries to get right.

After one round, advisors either

(1) Stick with the bad hire out of sheer exhaustion

(2) Fire the new hire and give up looking.

(3) Hire AGAIN and make the same mistakes they did the first time.

And you know where it all begins? With the first time you see someone’s resume.

This is where you get a first glimpse into a candidate. You can tell a lot from someone’s resume, as I have detailed in this Hiring Range video below.

But, a resume will only take you so far.

Once you get through these, the real work begins. Setting up interviews. Weeding through the right fit and unfit candidates.

This in itself is a science and an art.

How do you know which questions to ask? And at what juncture in the process?


How will you make sure your own biases don’t influence you to make a poor decision?

All of these obstacles, and more, are why advisors struggle to get ahead. They struggle to hire he right help they need.

So, sit back and laugh (or cry) or cringe— it’s all part of the process.

It’s also why you need to DODGE THIS BULLET and let the professionals take care of it for you.

I have over six years of experience successfully matching hundreds of advisors with key personnel from senior advisors to junior advisors, client service associates, bookkeepers, and every role in between.

I make the whole process easy by managing it all for you. In fact, applicants won’t even be contacting your office, so you can focus on driving your advisory business forward.

Did I mention we also provide a 90-day new hire guarantee? If your new hire leaves for any reasons other than you didn’t train them (oh, and by the way, we will work with you get a training schedule in place as part of service) or you were just mean to them, within the first 90 days of hiring, we’ll find you a replacement at no extra cost. That’s how confident I am that you’ll be pleased with our service. Trust us, this doesn’t happen often. But, if it does, we stand by our service and get you back up and moving with the right fit in no time.

Do yourself a favor. Save yourself the crying and cringing and let me do the heavy lifting for you.

Use the link here to set up a call to get started.