Under- or non-performing employees…I see it in nearly every engagement I have. But as I’ve said before, financial advisors are sweethearts. You are among the most loyal folks I have ever met which is why you are so good at what you do best which is care for your clientele.

However, sometimes this loyalty can be misplaced and lead to problems within your firm…some you might not even realize.

When you have under- or non-performing employees, you are requiring your above-average employees to carry a greater burden. They’re not fools.. .they know why this is occurring. It’s because you don’t have the guts to get rid of this person and you’re saying “hey, I care more about this one employee than I do about the good of my team”. Talk about resentment!

Additionally, when you finally do pull the trigger on this person, you will more than likely see relief on their face. Why, because you’ve done something for them they didn’t have the guts to do to themselves. Usually the employee who is terminated reveals they were not happy and how could they be? They know they’re not up to par.. .how stressful that must be!

Now is the time…take a look at your staff. Do you have all A players? If not, do you have B’s that can become A’s? Or do you have some C’s in there that you know are never going to be up to par and it’s time to send them on to the next chapter in their work life? If so, do it now! Don’t wait another day.. .you’ll be glad you did and they may just thank you as well. I know your staff will.

Take action and take care, Ginny