Qualified prospects…they’re out there in numbers greater than we’ve ever seen! But one thing has not changed…no matter how hard you wish it, they will not come flying in your window and land in your lap. You still have to do the work.Now, when I say work, I mean having a well-thought out plan of reaching your ideal clients. This might include:

1. Identifying the clients you want to duplicate. You know, I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. People have an innate desire to help others if they can. Your clients want to help you…it gives them a good feeling to match you up with their friends and have the relationship be successful. One word of caution here. Make sure you have educated your clients as to your referral process so they know what their friends and family can expect from you when being contacted.

2. Talk to your Center’s of Influence. Again, as I’ve said before, these folks are just as befuddled as your clients. Break down all the rhetoric for them so they can break it down for their clients. They’ll appreciate the simplicity you are trying to bring to their lives and know their clients will appreciate it as well!

3. Write, write, write…the media is hungry for information right now. Be a resource for your local paper. Again, it all comes down to keeping it simple. However, don’t expect them to come to you. They will value and treasure you if you send them well thought out and written pieces that are ready to go. If you see some big news that day, be the first to call the business editor and find out what you can do to help them communicate it. Do they want to interview you?

You get the idea. It really doesn’t have to be hard. It just has to be a priority, well thought out and consistent. This is how you keep your pipeline flowing.

A parting thought.. .if you don’t have time to do these things, ask yourself why? If it’s because you are spending the bulk of your day in your back office, this is a recipe for disaster. No matter how hard you work, this will NEVER change until you decide to change it by hiring a coach to help you figure out what you can delegate and to whom.

What are you waiting for?

Take care and let me know your thoughts. Ginny

I am frequently amazed when I work with advisors and we begin a discussion of their personal goals, most of the time which include working less hours and then they say to me “Oh, I can’t cut back that much, I’ll be working less than my staff”. Seriously, this is what they say and I say “Yes and…?” For some reason, you folks have it in your brain you have to be the first one there and last one to leave. To that, I ask, why are you hiring staff then?

You are the team’s leader and you have a responsibility to be clear-headed, thoughtful in your actions and forward thinking. How can you do this if you are always exhausted by working, probably getting very little (or worse, no) exercise AND on top of all of this, during turbulent markets, worrying about your clients all the time.

TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF EVERY WEEK! Take an afternoon off, take time in the middle of day to exercise, read, spend time with your family, whatever but do it away from the office and get over the fact that your staff are there working. That’s what you are paying them for!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

As always, if I can be of any assistance go ahead and drop me a line or visit me online