In January, I talked about “Letting Go of the Vine” and why this is so crucial to achieving the success you deserve.  If you didn’t read this post, you might want to read it here  before you read this blog. 

So after you have taken the time to track your activities for some period of time and gone through the exercise I suggested in January’s blog of figuring what you enjoy to do and do well, etc., the next step is actually delegating work.  This is the really tough part, trust me I know. But by delegating, you are giving yourself the opportunity to elevate yourself to operate at your highest and best use.

 But’s let back up a little.  Why delegate?  Sounds like a silly question and yet so many struggle with doing it so I have to believe the value is not being communicated.  Let me take a crack at it.  Do any of these sound like you?

  1. You are experiencing a lack of control over the business because you are trying to do too many things the least of which is being strategic?
  2. You’re not on the same page with your staff, your clients, your vendors, your partners?
  3. The firm has stopped growing?
  4. Nothing seems to be working – staff is numb to new initiatives and you are spinning your wheels?

IF any of these (or multiple!) describe where you are now, then delegating is going to be key (if not the only way) in moving you out of this rut.  How do you start doing this?

  1. The first component has to be trust – trust that you have the right team on board who can handle what you delegate to them. If you don’t have this, nothing else is relevant.  Stop now and evaluate your team and if replacements need to be made, make them.  You are not doing yourself or the staff in question any favors by holding on to them.
  2. IF the right players are in place, your next step is to understand their strengths and weaknesses so you can delegate the correct tasks to them.
  3. Put a true leadership team in place – who are these individuals?
    1. They are your most trusted staff
    2. They are your highest best performers
    3. They understand and live the vision of the firm

Once you have this leadership team in place, you can begin discussions with them as to what you need to delegate, how and who to delegate it to and then let them be in charge of these tasks going forward. They will report to you as needed so you don’t feel a total loss of control over these items but reporting is the extent of your involvement.

One last thought – you are NOT your business – you created it but in order for it to find success, it has to be a self-sustaining entity.  Learning to delegate is an important step in this process.

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