If you’ve been to my website recently, you will see a quote by Guy Kawasaki “Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard”.  Short, sweet, to the point. 

Like you I’m sure, I used to go to conferences when I was a COO of a financial advisory firm, great conferences and get lots of innovative and exciting ideas I couldn’t wait to get back to my office and put them into place. I was full of hope each time that “this time would be different” and I’d figure out how to balance being strategic with being a COO of an advisory firm.  However, six months later, there they’d be on my credenza.  Slide decks containing those great ideas that I had yet to implement or even figure out how to implement.

 Needless to say, since my firm is named The Strategic Implementer, I have since figured it out and it’s what I help my clients do.  There must be a balance between being a Financial Advisor and being a Business Owner. That balance is difficult but not impossible to find.

It starts with a well-thought out strategic plan, SWOT analysis and gap analysis which is the division between where you are now and where you want to be at some point in time.  We then help you prioritize and break it down to bite size pieces.  Most Advisors fail at implementation because they and their staff take on too much at one time. 

But here’s the real reason our Advisors are implementing.  Accountability!  Pure and simple. For themselves and their staff.  Each Advisor’s strategic plan goes into our project management software and from there we can track, tweak, update and keep the plan on track.  This is how things get done. What gets measured, gets done!

We’re not interested in giving you forms to fill out and then have you execute you themselves. We roll up our sleeves and get in there and in many cases, help you do the work.  Need job descriptions. We have a process for that involves us interviewing you and your team and mapping out what work they are doing.  Should some be shifted or outsourced?  We’ll let you know and then either help you write them or write the drafts ourselves for your review.  We are all about active participation in helping you reach your goals…the quality of life you richly deserve as the return on your investment for being an entrepreneur!

Give us a call and find out how we can help you Master the Art of Running Your Business!

Thanks for listening, Ginny